As per available resources it can not wean in which year this industry exactly started in Perumbavoor. But it happened to see that Travancore rulers were constituted Mudical Timber depot during their rule period. So we can guess this industry were started pre independence period. History says that the geographical features especially Periyar river, surrounding luxuriant forest high range area played vital spark for the growth of wood based industry in Perumbavoor. Before pre independence transportation facility were not easy and comfortable. Bullock cart and push carts were commonly used for transportation. The carts which were used for carrying salt, dry fish, tobacco, toddy pot etc which were unavoidable for day to day life transported to high range area, on its return trip they loaded timber wood with the help of trained elephant in carts and unloaded in Perumbavoor “Chapra” with the help of handsaw or ripsaw they converted this jungle or hard wood into timber logs, lumber and transported to different part of Kerala by country row boat, catamaran and in carts through Vallam & Mudical ferry. This is the incipient stage of wood industry of Perumbavoor.

Mr. Kanamburam Kunjumohammed Haji is the first man who started handsaw reeped wooden sawmill in Perumbavoor Chappra. It was situated in M.C. Road where the present Hotel Apsara constructed. On perceive growth of wood industry Mr.Laxmi Narayan from Gujarat started Srilaxmi Diesel motorized sawmill in M.C.Road in 1948. Later Mr. C.O. Veeran, Chirakkakudi, Kandanthara buyed this resaw mill and renamed as Swaraj. The first electrically operated sawmill started by Travancore Rayons in 1945 for their own reaping purpose. After this Mr. T.G.Vindhayasagar opened sawmill in P.P.Road Perumbavoor. After independence government started selling jungle and hard wood in open market by public auction through Mudical timber depot, due to this wood based industry established in Perumbavoor. Near about 20 years time were favor for wood industry, slowly government controlled and restricted cutting of jungle wood. Due to this control, so many sawmill were closed or converted to packing case manufacturing units. In 1980 due to non availability and shortage of soft wood they tried agro waste rubber wood as their raw material and making veneer. This tentative trail attained the goal. Availability of rubber wood boosted up veneer and ply wood industry in Perumbavoor and near by places. The veneer which makes in Perumbavoor sent to Gujarat, Karnataka,Tamilnadu,Andrapradesh and north Indian states for the production of Plywood. But now a days lion part of veneer which produce in Perumbavoor is using locally for plywood manufacturing process.

Availability of rubber wood in central Kerala, reasonable price offer by wood Industrialist, easy to market, attracted raw rubber wood sellers to Perumbavoor. Now Perumbavoor Timber market is famous all over in Kerala for selling soft wood and rubber wood. Near about 500 trucks load reaches to Perumbavoor timber market in a day. Due to strict control, well disciplined and proper guidance and control of Sawmill Owners & Plywood Manufactures Association, 24 hours functioning weighing bridge facility of Association in Mudikkal, Allappra and Perumbavoor, proper payment method this business run smoothly in Perumbvoor than any other place.